The results of the The International Space Film Festival "TSIOLKOVSKY"


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The International Space Film Festival «TSIOLKOVSKY» is closed

Award winners: 

 • The «Korolev» Grand Prix - Best DirectorRussian film director, screenwriter and producer Klim Shipenko for the film about the most difficult flight in the history of cosmonautics – «Salyut-7» 

 •The «Klushantsev» Grand Prix - For the best technical achievements in film and best special effects.Leading supervisor of visual effects in Russian cinema, founder and head of post-production - ALGOUS studio Alexei Gusev for the film «Salyut-7» 

 • Gold prize for the best documentary over 50 minutes: 

Shared between: 

Italian director Marco Spagnoli for the film «Italian Moon - Rocco Petrone and Apollo’s Voyage», about the son of Italian immigrants, who became one of the key leaders of the NASA space program 

Maxim Vasyunov and Roman Naumenkov from Russia for the film «Baykonur. The Fall of Satana» - memoirs of participants in rocket testing 

 • Gold prize for the best documentary film of average time from over 10 to 50 minutes 

Spanish director David Regos for the film «The Most Ideal Place» about how a small Spanish village became one of the key participants in organizing Apollo 11’s flight to the moon

 • Gold Prize for the best short documentary film under 10 minutes

 Marcella Abela from Malta for a series of short films - winners of many film festivals – «Red Glory», «Pillars of Creation», «Aurora», «Materre», showing the beauty of Earth, the starry sky and outer space, based on photographs of the Hubble space telescope and how they look from the ISS 

 • Prize for original contribution to documentary film (Art vision)

 American director, experimental musician and artist Jeremy Bible for the film «Human Savagery» 

 • The «Special Look» prize 

Russian director Nikolai Viktorov for the film «We’ll Meet Somewhere ...» 

Nikolai Viktorov - the son of director Richard Viktorov, as a teenager, witnessed the creation of the cult Soviet science-fiction film «Per Aspera Ad Astra». After many years he himself made a film - a memory of that time. 

 • Best student work 

3rd year student of the VGIK Television Department (workshop of Yu.M. Belenky and V.S. Kalinin) Ararat Gulanyan (Lao Yan) for the educational work «or UFO» - about one of the blind spots of modern science

Special prizes: 

 •The ROSKOSMOS prize 

Australian director Radheya Jegatheva for the animated short film «The Quiet» - a beautiful philosophical animation about the universe 

 • The President of the film festival Prize 

Russian film director, producer and screenwriter Timur Bekmambetov for the film "The Spacewalker", which is based on real events about the first ever human spacewalk 

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The Semi-Finalists of The International Space Film Festival "TSIOLKOVSKY"

«The Quiet», Directed by Radheya Jegatheva, Australia, 2019; 

«Italian Moon - Rocco Petrone and Apollo's Voyage», Directed by Marco Spagnoli, Italy, 2019; 

«We'll meet somewhere», Directed by Nikolay Viktorov, Russian Federation, 2019; 

«Ticket to the Moon», Directed by Veronika Janatkova, Czech Republic, 2019;

«The Most Ideal Place», Directed by David Regos, Spain, 2019; 

«My Cosmos», Directed by Natasha Tzeliuba, Yuliia Appen, Ukraine, 2019; 

«The Sky Commodified», Directed by Francisco Lobo, Romea Muryń, Maya Shopova, Portugal, 2019; 

«Independent Dreamer», Directed by Modiyar Abdukadyrov, Kazakhstan, 2019; 

«or UFO», Directed by Ararat Gulanyan (Lao Yan), Russian Federation, 2019;

«COGITO in Space», Directed by Sandro Bocci, Daniela de Paulis, Netherlands, 2019; 

«Red Glory» (2018), «Pillars of Creation» (2018), «Aurora» (2018), «Materre» (2017), Directed by Marcelle Abela, Malta; 

«Planet Mars», Directed by Sebastian Kuder, United Kingdom, 2018; 

«Visitors at the Door», Directed by Buğra Mert Alkayalar, Turkey, 2018; 

«Speleonaut /Under The Stone Sky», Directed by Sonja Djekic, Serbia, 2018; 

«WHOEVER TALKS TO ALIENS», Directed by Peter Sacco, Canada, 2018; 

«Human Savagery», Directed by Jeremy Bible, United States, 2019; 

«Creation book», Directed by Mario Orozco, Mexico, 2016; 


«Cosmic Flows», Directed by FRANÇOIS-XAVIER VIVES, France 

«Baykonur. The downfall of Satana», Directoed by Maxim Vasyunov, Roman Naumenkov, Russian Federation, 2019 

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